“When thinking about contingency placement, we like to frame it under three main features: Speed, flexibility, and cost-effective. Our contingency placement is an on-demand solution that fits well in dynamic organizations…” 

Tal Search Group is a full-service IT staffing provider.  With over 9 years of service under our belts, we have a firm handle on the demands that the ever-evolving IT world presents. Our contingency placement (direct hire / permanent) or contract (hourly) or contract to hire consulting basis service offering was designed to meet this demand head-on. Delivering the technical skills our clients need, on demand, gives them the flexibility and agility thats needed to accomplish business goals. 

How Does Contingency Placement WorK? 

Use of this staffing solution is contingent on Tal Search Group finding the right candidate for you. For most companies, the hiring process can take months, especially for key vacancies. Our process will significantly reduce the time - from identifying a need to hiring the right employee(s).  Direct-hire positions offer the flexibility of fee-contingent staffing by the same people who understand your business needs. Tal Search Group has a proven record of finding the most in-demand technical professionals for your full-time positions.